Bumps on the road

Hey hey!
So I’ve been MIA after my last post. I know sorry!!! This was supposed to be something I would post on every day and just share a little of my life with you guys, but things got busy with work and with school and I didn’t really have time. Anyway. So I work at a clinic which is absolute HELL! Im currently searching for something better praying to every god out there to help me out because im in desperate need. Im also dealing with the fact that I decided I never wanted to study anythinh out of highschool because the only thing I liked was cosmetology. Guess what? I’ve realized im capable of alot more than that and now im stuck in school for another year or forced to pay $17,000. WOOOHOOOO!. FML. So currently the only two consistent things in my life are shit but hey im alive and healthy and thats all that matters. There will always be bumps on the road. Im so new to this I suck at writing to you.. haha. I promise I will get better with time. Ive considered quitting my job so I can finish school in 2 months, but with bills that seems almost impossible. I just applied for an insurance company, so fingers crossed please<3   My life is a mess right now so excuse me if I just ramble on. I will try and create different post to talk a little about everything. Stay tuned tomorrow to see what interesting news I have for you!

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