Hello world!

Hi guys!

I never thought of myself as the type of person to share my life with the internet. By this I mean I have never been the type to talk to others about my problems, to give advice to others from my experience. Recently I’ve been through some changes where I felt the need to vent. Where I felt as if I didn’t want anyone else going through these things. So I decided to create this blog and I like to think of it as my private getaway. I’ve actually had this all done for a while, but with a recent break up I decided I would edit my original post and be a little more truthful. Please bare with me as I have never ever written for anyone before so this is a little out of my comfort zone. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy it! If there is any specific topics, or if you need some personal advice and don’t want to share it in the comments below feel free to email me
latenightswithK@gmail.com, and I will work my hardest to get back to everyone.